Sunday, October 18, 2009

Settled in... for now

It's been awhile since I posted to this blog. Originally I felt the need to keep track of my learning and progress using Web 2.0 tools. While I am a loooong way from proficient at this, I now feel quite comfortable and find myself constantly trying new things and celebrating when they work. I have an eye for the new and possible! Two Web 2.0 activities have become my passion and occupy most of my available computer time. The first is creating a record of my student's learning and the second is finding ways to connect them to the world.

I love wikispaces and use it more as a website than a collaborative tool. I try to post often to record our classroom activities and learning on our site at As the students are becoming better readers and writers I will post more and more of their actual work, words, and voices to the site. The kids love to look at the postings on the site. A few parents are also looking. I hope to increase that in the future and to invite them to join for discussions and comments. One of the great joys of the wiki is that family and friends far away can also take a peek into the lives of the children. There are so many great tools on the internet that allow fun and creative postings at no charge. Animoto,, and Good Widgets are two of my favorites!

The other goal I have for my kids is to connect them to the world. We are so isolated here in this rural corner of Colorado. Some of the students have little experience outside Moffat County! We are awaiting letters from New Hampshire, are posted on a multicultural project and blog from Beirhut, Lebanon, and most recently have had our letters delivered to a first grade classroom in Lusaka, Zambia! The project in Africa is part of the Bridges of Peace and Hope project spearheaded by singer John Farrell. We can't wait to hear from our new friends!

The possibilities are endless. The technology is available. The kids are enthusiastic. I am happy.

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